Beautifully packaged and intensely personal, Tales From The Earth jewellery celebrates that wonderful journey called the circle of life.

About Us

Tales From The Earth was founded in 1989, as much by chance as through planning. A serendipitous encounter in Edinburgh brought together two young designers, John DeCosta and Jo Culf, and a wonderful life of travelling to the far flung corners of the world began. We spent our days immersed in different cultures – collecting stories and living with people who we quickly saw shared the same aspirations and fears as ourselves. Whether in a village at the heart of the Amazon, pressed like sardines in a subway full of New Yorkers or sipping tea in a mountain hamlet in Bhutan, the themes of everyday life, we discovered, are the same: love, luck, health, protection. We’re all the same.


We look to these themes for inspiration in creating our handmade silver collections, both jewellery and keepsakes. We believe that small things can carry big meanings and that a story can stir your soul. We also believe that life’s milestone occasions – a christening, birthday, anniversary, declaration of love or simply a heartfelt thank you – should be marked with something special that conjures that day up many years from now. Each one of our handmade designs contains a message for its wearer, often secret and known only to the lucky possessor.


People wonder why we get so excited about boxes and bags. It probably goes back to Christmases long ago and the joy of tearing through layers of wrapping paper to get to a present. We think packaging is important and we know that people love the expectancy in opening a Tales From The Earth box, right down to the story card and satin pouch inside. We know because we’ve asked them. So, yes, it’s safe to say we love boxes and ribbons.


It’s a bee in our bonnet. We expect it when we go shopping ourselves and we strive to offer service to you that is second to none. Apart from putting a smile on your face, it makes good business sense – we want you to return to Tales From The Earth for years to come.

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