To begin with, there’s a hint in the spelling. It’s Mother’s Day, not Mothers’ Day. When Anna Jarvis first campaigned in 1908 to make Mother’s Day a recognized holiday in the United States, she specifically made ‘Mother’ singular possessive. Her intention was not to honour mothers and motherhood in general, but rather for each family to honour its own mother. She succeeded with her lobbying in 1914, but, within a few years, had become disappointed with the commercialisation of the Day she had helped found. Perhaps, with regards to this, Anna was a little naive; it’s natural to show one’s appreciation with a gift.

Mother’s Day has always been big in the Tales From The Earth calendar. You can wish your mother an abundance of happiness, send her a lifetime of wishes or simply tell her you love her. We specialise in jewellery that carries messages and, although Anna Jarvis would disapprove, we absolutely encourage gift giving that will make Mum feel loved and special. Mother’s Day is on March 30.