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Father’s Day!

By Jun 18, 2018 0 comment

I’m not one for autobiographical blogs, but since my boy is the inspiration for so many designs at Tales From The Earth, I’ll indulge myself for this one day dedicated to Dads everywhere. It’s my Proud Dad post. Valentino can recite the names of fifty dinosaurs and practically every shark. His favourite animal is the Balloon Fish. When he walks across the football pitch in Battersea Park, he sees only letters: L, T, I, H. These are the letters created by the chalk lines on the football pitch. His wit will be sharp and fast. I can see that already. What a creature he is. And when I see other Dads with their little boys on the street, I know they’re feeling exactly the same thing.

So, here’s to the Valentinos of the world (substitute any little boy’s or little girl’s name). I was listening to John Coltrane this morning online and, in the Comments section, someone wrote ‘Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there and all the single Mums who rule the roost.’ That was nice and that was quite right to say.

Happy Father’s Day.



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