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Make Time for Christmas

By Dec 06, 2017 0 comment
One reason that da Vinci studied so many areas was that he was as distractible as he was talented. It took him 20 years to paint Mona and he only completed the Last Supper after his patron threatened to withdraw funding. Even the Pope, Leo X, moaned about the Tuscan: ‘This man will never accomplish […]
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Meet the team – Yolanda

By Dec 04, 2017 0 comment
#MeetTheTeam Monday Captain, My Captain. What would we do without our office manager, Yolanda? In the 9 years she’s worked for us, we’ve never seen her lose her temper. We find that a bit odd – like people who smile too much. We wouldn’t trade her for the world, though.We despair that she supports Rangers, but […]
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Meet the team – John

By Nov 27, 2017 0 comment
#MeetTheTeam Monday As co-founder of Tales From The Earth, John is one of the two original band members (Jo is the other). He is the head designer at Tales and finds inspiration through travel and red wine. All our designs are inspired by the different cultures we’ve encountered, the stories we’ve heard and the universal themes […]
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Meet the team – Magda

By Nov 22, 2017 0 comment
#MeetTheTeamMonday Magda has been with us since before the Ark. She manages all the stock that comes in, making sure that a piece with even the tiniest scratch is banished from the kingdom. Early morning will find her industriously engraving your personalised pieces. After that, every day is different. We are loyal to her and […]
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Meet The Team – Jo Culf

By Nov 13, 2017 0 comment
It’s our first #MeetTheTeam Monday and what better way to start than with Jo Culf, original band member and still Tales’ guiding light. Jo co-founded Tales From The Earth with her business partner, John, 28 years ago. Ah, 1989 – the fax machine was the latest in technology, the Cold War had officially ended and it had only been a year since UK pubs were allowed to […]
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We Design For All Ages.

By Nov 10, 2017 0 comment
Tales From The Earth jewellery and keepsakes are suitable for all ages – from babies to youngsters to adults to grandparents. We focus on the milestone events in life and believe that small things can carry big meanings. Find following a few suggestions that span the years. Little Girl’s Heart Necklace Designed with sugar and spice and […]
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Beautiful Christening gifts!

By Oct 03, 2017 0 comment
Christenings and communions are two of the first special events in a new life. Finding a beautiful piece of jewellery to go with a pretty lace dress or the perfect keepsake to match a first suit can be a difficult job, especially as they have only just arrived into the world! A girl or boy […]
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Every piece of jewellery tells a story!

By Aug 01, 2017 0 comment
Here at Tales from the earth we have a story behind each piece of jewellery whether you’re trying to say thank you to someone, wish someone good luck or let someone know how much you love them. There Is no better feeling than marking that life milestone occasion with the perfect gift. We design beautifully […]
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Need a gift for a wedding?

By Jul 03, 2017 0 comment
Summer is a wonderful time for a wedding, the sun will be shining and everyone will be smiling. So, why not top off that wedding by finding the perfect gift? We have many different gifts that are available here at Tales from the earth ranging from, earrings for the beautiful bride, cufflinks for the groom […]
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