1989. The world wide web was first conceived in Switzerland by Tim Berners-Lee. The Berlin Wall opened. We were torn between When Harry met Sally and Dead Poet’s Society. Or perhaps Madonna’s Like A Prayer and FYC’s’ She Drives Me Crazy. Bart Simpson first said ‘eat my shorts’. Jaguar was bought by Ford. And Tales From The Earth was founded.  What was that? Tales From The Earth and ‘eat my shorts’ were first uttered in the same year? Yes.

We’ve survived two recessions, five prime ministers, five US presidents, countless hairstyles and, of course, the banks. We’ve laughed and cried, made lifelong friends and then lost a few to that inevitable end. We’ve thrown all our creative passion into literally thousands of designs and, by our reckoning, adorned more than a million women. And, all the while, we’ve stayed true to our original vision: to tell stories through our jewellery and show that, the world over, we’re all the same – we have the same loves, the same fears, the same hopes, the same ambitions.

Twenty nine years and still going, thanks to all of you.